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3 common causes of bus accidents

Many people choose to ride the bus as a main form of transportation. It is cheaper than a taxi, or even filling up a car every week, and it gives some individuals a sense of community. However, when a bus crashes, the riders can sustain serious injuries.

According the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there were nearly 120,000 injuries due to bus crashes in 2016. What are the most common causes of bus accidents? What is the most common type of bus accident injury?

Common bus accident causes

  • Distracted bus driver: Bus drivers, just like other drivers, can distract themselves with phones, other things on the road. If a driver is distracted, they may not see other cars or people in their way.
  • Lack of upkeep: Buses need frequent maintenance and checks to make sure everything is working properly and safely. If bus companies are fudging the numbers or failing to perform the upkeep necessary, it can result in an accident.
  • Speeding: If a bus driver is speeding, they may not be able to slow down in time for an obstacle in their path.

Most common bus accident injury

Quite possibly the most common injury resulting from bus crashes is whiplash. This type of injury can present itself hours or days after an accident occurs, and often results in neck or shoulder pain due to strain. During an accident, the head jolts violently back and forth, causing injury. As many buses do not have safety features such as seatbelts for their riders, whiplash is a common type of injury.

If you were injured due to an accident caused by the negligence of a bus driver or bus company, you may be able to recover compensation for the damages.