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Aging Infrastructure And Slip And Fall Liability Challenges In New York
Personal Injury

Aging Infrastructure and Slip and Fall Liability: Challenges in New York

New York's deteriorating sidewalks and historical buildings raise the risk of slip-and-fall accidents for residents and visitors alike.
Technology And Surveillance In Slip And Fall Cases In New York
Personal Injury

Technology and Surveillance in Slip and Fall Cases in New York

In this article, we explore the impact of surveillance footage and other technological advancements in shaping the outcome of slip and fall cases in New ...
Aviation Work Injuries In New York Understanding The Legal Landscape
Personal Injury

Aviation Work Injuries in New York: Understanding the Legal Landscape

At Gash & Associates, we have an experienced personal injury legal team dedicated to defending the rights of all New York workers, especially those in ...
What Are The Winter Hazards And Slip And Fall Accidents In Westchester County
Personal Injury

What are the Winter Hazards and Slip and Fall Accidents in Westchester County?

While discussing these hazards, we’ll provide tips to prevent them and also explain the property owner’s responsibilities in each scenario.
Transportation Accidents At Work Seeking Compensation For On The Job Crashes
Personal Injury

Transportation Accidents at Work: Seeking Compensation for On-the-Job Crashes

Facing a transportation accident at work in NYC? Explore compensation avenues, understand your rights, and learn how Gash & Associates, P.C. can expertly guide you. ...