Drivers need time to learn new technology

New vehicle technology could create hazards on roads in New York and around the country. This is because drivers may not always know how to use it. Furthermore, vehicles may take their commands too literally and not deviate from them no matter what is going on around them. For example, if a driver tells a car to stay 50 feet away from the one in front of it, the vehicle may do so even if it may not be safe.

Drivers may also underestimate what their vehicles are capable of. According to one study, 11% of respondents thought that they could read a book or use their phone while the car did the driving. However, even with limited automation features, drivers need to pay attention at all times. If a person is driving a rental car, he or she may not know how to use the advanced safety features it comes with.

At the same time, the rental car company doesn’t have the time or resources to train its customers. Therefore, the odds of driver confusion or a driver getting into an accident can increase. However, drivers will need to be educated at some point if they are expected to get comfortable with emergency braking or other automated driving capabilities. For most, it will take more than just reading the owners manual to do so.

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