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Feds set to relax trucker hours-of-service rules

New York readers may be concerned to learn that the Trump administration is preparing to ease federal regulations that limit the number of hours commercial truck drivers can be on the road each day. The move has long been urged by trucking industry lobbyists, including the American Trucking Association.

Under current rules, long-haul truckers are allowed to be on duty a maximum of 14 hours per day. Of those hours, they can only spend 11 driving a truck. The rules also mandate that drivers take specific rest periods, including a half-hour break during the first eight hours of their shift and 10 straight hours off between shifts. These regulations are supposed to ensure that drivers are well-rested and do not become too fatigued to safely operate their vehicle.

However, the trucking industry has been fighting the hours-of-service regulations for years, claiming they are too restrictive. The Obama administration took a hard line on safety and declined to relax them, but the Trump administration has indicated it is willing to do so. In fact, the Associated Press reports that the White House’s Office of Management and Budget is currently reviewing a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration proposal to change the rules. The details of the proposal are not yet known.

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