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How to Respond to a Low Settlement Offer for Auto Accident Injuries in New York

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You recently got into an auto accident in New York and suffered from injuries. Now, you’ve been attempting to collect a settlement from the defendant’s insurance company, but they just came back with a low offer. What do you do?

Here are the steps to take when it comes to responding to a low settlement offer.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

The initial offer from insurance is always going to be low. Insurance companies are notorious for not paying out proper settlements. If you received a settlement offer from insurance without getting in touch with a personal injury lawyer first, now is the time to reach out. They will help you potentially negotiate a higher settlement.

Present the Evidence

Did you present all the proof available to you to show that the defendant was responsible for your injuries? If you can find additional evidence, then this could strengthen your case. Perhaps you can collect video footage of the accident from a surveillance camera or provide a witness statement, for instance.

Respond With a Counteroffer

You never have to accept the first offer, and you can always present a counteroffer. Just make sure that the counteroffer is not unreasonable. For instance, if they’re offering you $25,000 because the defendant doesn’t have good coverage, asking for $100,000 is likely not going to get you anywhere. Thankfully, your personal injury lawyer will know how to respond.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

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