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Injured from Improper Lifting? When to Consult a Lawyer for Legal Guidance

Injuries caused by improper lifting are a common issue in many workplaces. Whether you’re lifting heavy boxes in a warehouse or moving equipment in an office, improper lifting techniques can lead to serious injuries to your knees and back. If you’ve been injured due to improper lifting at work, it’s important to understand your rights and know when to seek legal counsel.

At Gash & Associates, P.C., we can help you navigate the legal aspects of your workplace injury and ensure you receive the compensation you need to recover.

The Impact of Improper Lifting Injuries

Improper lifting can cause a variety of injuries, most commonly affecting the lower back. These injuries can range from minor strains to severe herniated discs or chronic pain conditions. The consequences of improper lifting injuries go beyond the immediate pain and discomfort, and can lead to prolonged absences from work, loss of income, costly medical bills, and long-term disability.

Legal Considerations for Workplace Injuries

In New York, workers are entitled to certain protections and compensations for workplace injuries under the Workers’ Compensation Law. If you’ve been injured by improper lifting, you may be eligible for medical benefits to cover the cost of your treatments. There are also wage replacement benefits if you’re unable to continue working, and job retraining services if you need to find a less physical job.

It’s important to report your injury to your employer as soon as possible and file a workers’ compensation claim. However, the process can be complicated. Seeking the advice of an experienced workplace injury lawyer can significantly improve your chances of a successful claim.

Compensation for Improper Lifting Injuries

The compensation you can receive for an improper lifting injury can vary based on several factors. The severity of your injury, your medical expenses, and the impact on your ability to work in the future, will all impact how much compensation you can receive. In a typical workplace injury claim, compensation usually covers:

  • Medical Costs: This includes all related medical expenses, such as hospital visits, medications, physical therapy, and surgeries.
  • Lost Wages: If your injury prevents you from working, you can receive compensation for lost income during your recovery period.
  • Permanent Disability: If you suffer a long-term disability, you may be entitled to additional compensation based on your inability to continue working.

When to Consult a Workplace Injury Lawyer

There are several situations where speaking with a workplace injury attorney can help your personal injury case. If your workers’ compensation claim is denied, a personal injury lawyer can help you appeal the decision. If the benefits you are offered from Workers’ Compensation do not fully cover your medical expenses or lost wages, an attorney can negotiate on your behalf. If you face retaliation from your employer, such as a demotion or reduced hours due to your injury, a lawyer can fight for your rights. Also, if a third party, such as a contractor or equipment manufacturer, contributed to your injury, you might have grounds for an additional personal injury claim.

Seeking Legal Guidance in New York

If you have suffered an injury from improper lifting in the workplace, you should consult with an experienced workplace injury attorney right away. At Gash & Associates, P.C., in White Plains, NY, we specialize in workplace injury cases, and we can guide you through the process of receiving the compensation you deserve. Call us today at (914) 328-8800 for a free consultation.