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Keeping away from distractions while on the road

Distracted driving is behind thousands of fatalities every year around the country, so it is important that New York motorists know what to do to avoid it. It begins with knowing what constitutes a distraction, which can include everything from the use of phones and navigation systems to basic activities like eating, drinking and talking. Parents should also ensure that their teen drivers know this.

Drivers should keep clear of all phone use even when the phone is a hands-free device. If they absolutely must call or send a text message, they should pull over to do so. Next, they should try and limit the number of passengers they carry. This will keep conversations from becoming distracting. Drivers can also have passengers assist them with things like using the radio and navigation system.

Next, they may want to consider a no-eating policy. Eating will, after all, take at least one of their hands off of the wheel, and if a spill should occur, it will likely cause drivers to become inattentive for a second. Another example of inattentive driving is drowsy driving, and the only way to avoid this is adequate sleep. However, those with a sleep disorder or who do shift work are at a higher risk for drowsiness.

When drowsy or distracted driving causes a collision, occupants of other vehicles often sustain serious injuries that require lengthy and expensive medical care and treatment. In many cases, they are unable to return to work for prolonged periods. People who have been harmed in such a manner might want to have the assistance of an experienced attorney when seeking compensation for their losses.