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Loneliness can lead to challenges for nursing home residents

Many nursing homes have programs that help keep the residents active and engaged with others. Unfortunately, there are times when residents might be unable to utilize those programs, which can lead to loneliness for them. While it might not seem like that’s a huge deal, there are some serious consequences that can come from this situation.

Residents who spend time with others are more likely to have a healthier mental state than those who spend most of their time alone. Being by themselves can lead to depression. There’s also the matter of them being unable to ask others for help if they need it.

Adults who live in long term care facilities are more likely to feel safer when they can interact with others. They feel more confident to speak up if there is a problem with the care they’re receiving. They have a chance to speak to others about what’s going on.

In some cases, social interaction helps the residents keep their mental faculties about them. Some of the activities in nursing homes, such as craft times, help the residents with their motor skills. Losing the ability to do these things can cause their abilities to decline, which is often traumatic for them.

While most people who have loved ones in nursing homes know the residents count on those activities, they also count on their family members and friends to check on them. If you discover that activities and interactions have been reduced or cancelled, try to find ways to check in with them. Unfortunately, isolation can sometimes cause an increase in nursing home abuse and neglect, so stopping those when they occur is imperative.