Report highlights role of governors in U.S. road safety

In New York and across the U.S., inadequate road safety has led to a rise in car accident injuries and fatalities. In 2016, for instance, 39 states reported an increase in the number of traffic fatalities from 2015. Nationwide, it came out to a 5.6 percent increase over the previous year. More than 37,000 drivers died in 2016.

Because road safety in the U.S. are sorely lacking in comparison with those of other developed countries, the National Governors Association has issued a report detailing the kind of strategies that state governors can take to combat the problem. It emphasizes the unique role that governors can play, for example in their ability to provide leadership for highway safety projects.

They could also work together with their state’s highway safety offices and foster communication among other agencies. This way, they could improve existing safety guidelines and identify any new strategies they could implement to reduce traffic fatalities. The goal with every governor should be to reduce fatalities to zero. The program laid out in the NGA report has the support of the Governors Highway Safety Association, an agency that also assisted in its development. The report comes with policy development tools, which every state can use all or some of according to its present needs.

With so many injuries and deaths on America’s roads, insurance companies do everything they can to find holes in auto accident claims and refuse to settle. This is why anyone injured through another driver’s negligence should consult with a lawyer who can assess the claim, bring together proof with the help of investigators, and handle all negotiations so that appropriate compensation can be received.