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Tackling drunk driving

New York drivers are aware of the dangers of drunk driving. In 2017, just under 11,000 deaths occurred that were the result of drunk driving crashes. This means that almost 30 people died each day as a result of someone getting behind the wheel while being intoxicated.

Volvo has decided to take a step to improve the safety of their vehicles and reduce accidents caused by drunk driving. They released a statement in March 2019 announcing that all their cars from 2020 onward would have a speed limit imposed on them to just 112 mph. They also plan to install sensors and in-car cameras that will monitor drivers for signs of distraction and intoxication. They plan to install this technology in the early 2020’s.

Their goal is to improve safety and reduce personal injury. When accidents are completely unavoidable, they want to limit the impact that these accidents have on human life and property. The systems installed on their cars will monitor for potentially dangerous behaviors. They will look for a lack of steering input or the driver not having their eyes focused on the road for a long period of time. They will also look for extreme weaving or slow reaction times. If this type of behavior is detected, the system could limit the speed of the vehicle and park it in a safe place.

If an individual is the victim of an accident that was caused by someone who was driving while intoxicated, they may benefit by speaking to a personal injury attorney. The personal injury attorney might assemble a civil claim. They may be able to do this by looking at evidence provided by authorities, eyewitnesses, and camera footage. They might represent the plaintiff in court or advise their client on other issues that are relevant to their case.