The cause of half of all pediatric safety errors

Safety errors in medicine are more common than most people would like to admit, and their consequences can be devastating for pediatric victims in New York. While human mistakes are one factor in the problem, errors in electronic health records may be the most significant. According to a study from Health Affairs, more than half of all errors that occurred in a pediatric setting were the result of wrong records. Incorrect delivery of medications was one of the primary consequences.

Usability errors are among the most significant risks to patient safety when it comes to electronic health records. Unfortunately, the visual displays used in health care environments don’t always provide the right information given the context of the patient. If a patient is allergic to a specific medication, the EHR may not provide an alert when it’s prescribed. They can also make it difficult to enter the right information, especially in confusing situations.

In order to correct these problems, EHR vendors will need to focus on providing safety alerts and changing the way dosages are displayed on the screen. Assessments of electronic record systems should also be a part of hospital accreditation. On a clinician level, doctors and nurses should still trust the records they see but use some form verification to ensure simple mistakes aren’t made.

A patient who experiences a personal injury as the result of an error in an electron health record may be able to get compensation for their pain and suffering. First, the patient might need to hire a lawyer who can determine if pursuing legal action is a viable option. If there is a case, the attorney can attempt to negotiate a settlement with the provider or file a lawsuit. Going to trial may be necessary in some scenarios.