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Traffic is down, but speeding is going up (and up)

The streets are remarkably empty right now — which is making motor vehicle accident rates fall. At the same time, the type of accident you can get into has also changed: Your odds of getting into a serious wreck (as opposed to a mere fender-bender) have risen dramatically because a certain segment of the population is taking the empty streets as an invitation to speed.

We’re not just talking about an extra five — or even 10 — miles over the posted speed limit, either. All over the country, there are reports of speeders going 100 miles per hour on city streets. Officers have also reported incidents of impromptu “roll racing,” a type of drag racing where a pack of moving cars suddenly decides to chase after each other at top speed.

High-speed accidents have the potential to cause much more damage than ordinary traffic accidents, which typically happen at much lower speeds. Speeding drivers often can’t respond in time to avoid anything that happens to be in their path — whether that’s a pedestrian or another vehicle. Just recently in New Jersey, for example, a Queens woman was arrested for reckless driving and speeding after she hit an officer and several unoccupied police cars, sending the officer to the hospital with severe injuries.

A car wreck with a speeding driver has the potential to upend your life permanently. You may need extensive surgeries, recuperation time and physical therapy just to get back some semblance of “normal” ever again. Pursuing compensation for your injuries and suffering is only reasonable — and necessary to help you through the recovery process.