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Understanding No-Fault Coverage for Motorcycle Accidents in Westchester County

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Sustaining any auto accident injury can be devastating, especially when you face a difficult path to physical recovery and an expanding pile of medical bills associated with your injury. Unfortunately, motorcycle accident victims often struggle with more complicated recoveries, as their injuries tend to be more severe and may require extensive medical care. It’s common to worry about how you’ll be able to afford the medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses caused by your injury, and you may wonder whether your insurance coverage will step in to alleviate some of these costs. No-fault insurance coverage in New York can be difficult to comprehend, especially as motorcyclists themselves are typically excluded from no-fault coverage. Let’s take a look at what the no-fault insurance laws look like and what you can do following a motorcycle accident to seek the compensation you need to recover.

Your Coverage Under New York State Insurance Law

According to New York’s No-Fault Insurance Law, people who suffer injuries following a vehicle accident should be able to obtain compensation from their insurer to assist them with medical costs, regardless of who was to blame for the accident (hence, “no-fault”). The No-Fault Insurance Law is intended to provide timely compensation to accident victims, but there are certain limitations to how much money you can collect. As long as the accident occurred in New York and you suffered an injury as the driver or passenger of the insured vehicle (or were struck by the insured vehicle as a cyclist or pedestrian), you will likely be able to file a No-Fault claim to collect compensation. 

Special Considerations for Motorcycles 

When it comes to motorcycles, the New York No-Fault Insurance Law does not offer protection. Due to the inherent risk of traveling by motorcycle, no-fault insurance coverage does not extend to protect riders. This means that if you were riding on a motorcycle as a driver or passenger and you suffered an accident-related injury, you will not be able to receive no-fault insurance coverage for the medical costs and lost wages you experience. However, you can still seek compensation because motorcyclists do not have to meet the “severe” injury threshold like auto accident victims have to. Although no-fault insurance coverage will not apply to your motorcycle accident, there are other paths to help you secure the compensation you need to get your life back on track.

How a Westchester County Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

The aftermath of any accident can be disorienting and overwhelming. Whether you’ve been injured in an auto, motorcycle, trucking, bicycling, or pedestrian accident, it’s always a good idea to speak to a knowledgeable personal injury attorney about your options for pursuing and securing the compensation you need to move forward. You can trust that your attorney will work hard to secure you your desired outcome while you focus on what matters most—your recovery.


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