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What to Do if an Insurance Company Offers You a Settlement

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When you get injured in a car accident, you and the responsible party are going to have to report what happened to your insurance companies. The defendant’s insurance company may call you up and, to your surprise, offer you a settlement. You’re wondering: Should you take it? Or would that be a bad idea?

By learning what to do, you can figure out how to get the compensation you deserve in your case.

Tips for Talking to an Insurance Company

When an insurance company calls you up, their intention is to not offer you a settlement or to offer you as low of a settlement as they can get away with. Insurance companies are not in the business of paying out claims. They may even try to trick you into admitting the accident was your fault. When the company calls you, avoid giving them any details aside from the basics, like the fact that the accident did happen and when and where it took place. Do not mention your injuries or the fact that you want a settlement.

How to Handle a Settlement Offer

If the insurance company provides a settlement offer, it’s going to be too low. Also, if you accept it, you won’t be able to pursue a higher one down the line that will actually cover all your medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. Instead, call a personal injury lawyer instead. They will work hard on your behalf to get you a much higher settlement.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you got into a car accident and an insurance company offered you a settlement, then contact the personal injury firm Gash & Associates to get the compensation you deserve. We assist clients throughout Westchester County, and the best part is, we provide a free consultation. Get in touch today at (914) 328-8800.