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Who Can Be Held Liable in a Slip and Fall Accident in New York?

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A slip and fall can occur anywhere at any time. But depending on where it happens, you may or may not be able to hold someone liable. For instance, if you slip and fall in your own home, you’ll have to go through your insurance to get treatment.

But if you slip and fall at someone else’s house or in a business, then you could potentially bring a claim against the responsible party. By learning more, you can decide whether or not to bring legal action against the liable party. Here’s who you may be able to hold responsible.

A Business Property Owner

If you slipped and fell while on a business’ property – such as in a shopping center – then you could potentially hold the business property owner accountable. For instance, let’s say they failed to melt ice that was on the property, and you slipped and fell and hurt your back. You may be able to bring legal action against them.

A Business Owner

If you got hurt while you were in a store, the store owner could be liable. Maybe they didn’t put up a “wet floor” sign when they mopped, and that led to your injury.

A Homeowner

If you slipped and fell while on private property, you could potentially make a claim through the homeowner’s home insurance (or a renter’s rental insurance).

The Government

If you were on government property – like in a park or in a government building – you could possibly make a claim for a slip and fall. Just note that there are special rules when filing a claim against the government.

Reaching Out to a Personal Injury Lawyer

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