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Why you need a personal injury attorney

You’re a savvy consumer, and you know your way around a negotiation table — but handling your own negotiations with the insurance company when you’ve been seriously injured isn’t a great idea.

Before you decide to “go it alone” with your injury claim, this is what you need to consider:

An attorney can spot the strengths and weaknesses of your claim

There may be issues with your claim that you aren’t aware could be a problem. For example, New York uses a contributory negligence rule to diminish your claim, so you can generally expect an insurance company to look for ways to put the blame for the accident back on you. Knowing where and how they may try to do that takes some experience with similar claims.

An attorney has connections you do not

When you’re hurting and scared, it helps to know where to turn for help. An experienced injury attorney can help you find the professionals who can ease your way a little during this time. You may need referrals to doctors who understand how to evaluate your injuries in light of a lawsuit, a referral to a disability lawyer to help you apply for financial benefits and direction to a litigation loan company during this time. Plus, many injury attorneys have investigative teams that can help look for evidence that supports your claim.

An attorney makes it clear to the insurance company that you won’t be bullied

Most injury claims are settled through negotiation long before they get to trial. However, it’s always smart to prepare a case as if you will need to go to court — and then hope that you don’t. With an attorney’s help, you can make it clear to the insurance companies involved that you intend to be persistent and will follow through with an actual lawsuit if your claim isn’t resolved fairly.

If you’re looking for a responsive legal team that will focus on your needs following a serious injury, contact our office for more information.