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Aviation Work Injuries in New York: Understanding the Legal Landscape

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The aviation industry is a critical component of New York’s economy and infrastructure. Despite some rigorous safety measures, the industry is still not immune from work-related injuries. The risks to in-flight staff or ground personnel are both significant and diverse.

At Gash & Associates, we have an experienced personal injury legal team dedicated to defending the rights of all New York workers, especially those in the aviation industry. Call us today for personalized guidance on your workplace injury.

Aviation Work Injuries Statistics

In 2019, for every 10,000 full-time flight attendants, 517 had nonfatal injuries or illnesses at work. This is much higher than the national average for most jobs, which had only about 87 injuries for every 10,000 workers. Among these injuries, 186 were due to overexertion or physical reactions to the environment. Another 113 were due to transportation-related incidents. These statistics highlight how important it is to understand the unique challenges of aviation workplace injuries, as well as the legal considerations after they occur.

Legal Considerations After Aviation Injuries

The aviation field in New York has various jobs, each with its own unique legal considerations after an injury. Whether you’re a pilot, mechanic, or ground staff, it’s important to be aware of the legal routes available to you. Major airports like JFK and LGA operate under organizations like the Port Authority of NY & NJ (PANYNJ). If injured at these airports, there’s a strict timeline to file a personal injury claim. Usually, you must begin legal action within 90 days.

Workers’ compensation can only cover so much, and if another party is responsible for your injury, you may have the right to a personal injury claim. This could result in additional compensation that can be used for covering medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, pain and emotional distress, or other related expenses.

Potential Hazards in the Aviation Industry

The aviation industry has unique hazards that aren’t usually present in other jobs. There are obvious dangers associated with high-altitude flights, but there are less obvious ones, like the physical demands of handling baggage or performing routine aircraft maintenance. Workers can be exposed to dangerous chemicals, including jet fuel, and noise pollution from aircraft engines.

The list of potential risks is extensive. So strict safety guidelines are required in this field, even if they’re not always adhered to. Understanding these risks can empower workers to be proactive in safety measures and better informed about their legal rights after an injury.

Seeking Compensation and Understanding Your Rights

When injured while working in the aviation industry, knowing your rights and the considerations of aviation injury law can make all the difference in getting the compensation you deserve.

It’s important to act quickly and consult an experienced aviation injury lawyer who can navigate the legal process with confidence and compassion. At Gash & Associates, we ensure our clients are well-informed of all the avenues available when seeking justice. Call us today at (914) 328-8800 for a free consultation and answers to questions about your own workplace injury.