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Technology and Surveillance in Slip and Fall Cases in New York

Technology and surveillance in slip & fall cases accident | lawyer nyc | Gash & Associates, P.C.

In the bustling streets of New York, slip and fall incidents are more common than you might think. Navigating the aftermath of these incidents can be complicated, especially when proving what really happened. This is where technology can assist.

In this article, we explore the impact of surveillance footage and other technological advancements in shaping the outcome of slip and fall cases in New York. At Gash & Associates, P.C., we have one overarching goal: to provide you with the highest-quality legal representation in your New York slip and fall case. Call us today for a free consultation.

The Importance of Surveillance Footage

In today’s world, security cameras and other recording devices are everywhere. They are in our businesses, public spaces, and private homes. In slip and fall cases, footage from these cameras can help you prove what actually happened so you can recover the compensation you deserve. They offer clear evidence of the incident and help clarify who might be responsible. Think of them as an unblinking eye that captures crucial moments.

Challenges with Surveillance Footage

However, relying on video evidence isn’t without its challenges. One key challenge is the limited storage space in surveillance systems. Often, footage isn’t kept forever, which is why it’s so important to act quickly and secure the evidence.

Companies must provide the footage to your attorneys if they request it, but the request needs to come before the footage is destroyed. Typically, a business will keep surveillance footage for only a few days or weeks before the system starts to record over the old footage.

Using Your Phone After a Slip or Fall

It’s not just about surveillance footage. Today’s slip and fall cases also benefit from smartphone videos, GPS data, and even social media posts. Each piece of tech offers a new perspective, enriching the evidence pool and strengthening your case. If you are involved in an accident, your phone will not just contact help. It will prove your case.

Take pictures or videos of the surrounding area and notice any hazards, signs, weather conditions, or other important aspects of the fall. Make notes on your phone with the contact information of witnesses and responsible parties. Document your injury, the effects that it caused you, and exactly where you were and how it happened. Having all this information at the start of your case can help your attorney argue for greater or more timely compensation.

Gash and Associates, P.C.: Your Trusted Accident Attorneys

Navigating slip and fall cases requires a skilled legal partner. At Gash & Associates, P.C., we have a firm understanding of technology and how it affects your case in the courtroom. When choosing your slip and fall attorney, consider a firm with experience in tech-based evidence and a track record in successful slip and fall cases. Call us today for a free consultation regarding your slip and fall accident, and let us help you get the compensation you deserve for the pain you endured.