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Can Someone Be Forced Back to Work After a Workplace Injury?

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If you got injured at work, you may have been staying at home for quite some time to recover. Now, you might be wondering when you’ll have to go back, and if your employer can force you to return before you’re ready.

By finding out the answer, you can decide what to do if your employer is requiring you to come back.

Going Back to Work After an Injury

Unfortunately, insurance companies are not your friend — and sometimes your employer may not have your best interests in mind either. The workers’ comp insurance company that your employer uses is not going to give you a penny more than they need to, which may put the pressure on you to go back to work sooner.

That being said, if you’re still injured and not feeling well, then you cannot be forced to go back to work unless a doctor gives you clearance. The doctor who is treating you will determine when you are ready to return. If you’re still in any sort of pain, don’t hesitate to tell your doctor.

What to Do If You’re Injured at Work

As soon as you suffer from a workplace injury, tell your supervisor and get a report in writing. Then, go to your doctor for treatment and make sure you’re consistent about keeping up with your appointments. If you aren’t, then the insurance company may not believe you are still injured. Additionally, you could get in touch with a workers’ comp lawyer to ensure that you get the benefits you deserve.

Contacting a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

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