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Chores, finances can lead to divorce

For many people in New York who decide to divorce, the end of a marriage comes after a lengthy period of unhappiness, often marked by arguments and fighting. While many may assume these arguments are most divisive when they address issues around child-rearing or infidelity, even mundane topics can lead toward divorce. For example, extensive disputes over housework and the distribution of household chores can be an indicator of the potential for a marriage to end.

In one study conducted at Harvard Business School, 3,000 couples were surveyed. A full 25 percent of the divorcing couples indicated that housework conflicts were a primary issue in their marriages that contributed to the decision to divorce. On the other hand, the survey also found that couples who were able to resolve their disputes over chores by hiring outside help like a cleaning service were more likely to remain married to one another. While the elimination of the stress of the housework issue was certainly one key factor in that positive result, the couple’s extra quality time together not spent on handling chores could also help to retain their romantic bond.

Of course, this is only one example of how wealth and disposable income can help to alleviate stress. Another study found that people who spend $100 to $200 monthly on outsourced chores like grocery delivery or dry cleaning are more likely to have a happy marriage, while financial stress can be another key contributor to divorce.

Whether the contributing factors included housework issues or the whole range of concerns that can make a marriage untenable, divorce can be an important choice for many couples. A divorcing spouse may be able to work with a family law attorney to protect their interests and advocate for their rights throughout the process regarding child custody, spousal support and asset division.