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Common injuries after a car crash

New York residents and anyone else who get into a car accident may experience mental and emotional issues. For instance, individuals involved in a car crash can have changes in mood or problems with memory. Issues with vision or hearing are also common effects of being in a car accident. People also may experience a variety of physical symptoms that do not manifest right away.

If a person gets a headache in the days after the crash, it could mean that he or she suffered a neck injury or sustained a concussion in the car crash. If the collision took place from the back or side, a person may feel pain in the lower back. This could be an indication of an injury to muscles or ligaments in that part of the body. Neck or shoulder stiffness or pain can be an indication that an individual has whiplash.

Whiplash generally results from rear collisions that take place at relatively low speeds of 14 miles per hour or less. Individuals may need to see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis of neck or shoulder pain. Whiplash may also present with numbness in the arms or hands. Numbness can also be caused by nerve or other problems in the neck or spine.

Individuals who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident may benefit from talking with a personal injury attorney. Doing so may make it easier for them to determine when to file a lawsuit or if they should negotiate a settlement outside of court. Legal counsel may review a case to determine if the driver who caused the crash was negligent. Impaired or distracted driving prior to a crash may be examples of negligence.