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Construction sites are a risk for pedestrians and nearby vehicles

Construction is a dangerous industry, which means that workers make relatively good wages to offset the danger they face. However, the people working at a construction site aren’t the only ones in danger if something goes wrong. Pedestrians and even those in vehicles can wind up severely hurt if they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Construction site accidents could involve malfunctioning machinery, walls toppling over, or supplies falling from a crane or ledge at the building site. It isn’t very difficult to imagine how any of these scenarios could severely hurt a nearby pedestrian, cyclist or driver, or cause substantial property damage to vehicles and buildings near the construction site.

Different situations may result in different legal options

The rights of someone seriously hurt in a construction accident will depend on the situation leading up to those injuries. Insurance may cover some losses, while other scenarios will require more direct and forceful legal action.

For example, if a freak accident, such as a sudden, incredibly strong gust of wind contributed to the accident, a standard insurance claim against the construction company’s insurance may be all you need to secure compensation. Failing to adequately prepare for unusual circumstances or maintain the construction site adequately could result in premises liability claims as well.

Finally, a lawsuit could become necessary if the construction company was in clear violation of safety standards for the walk. Failing to erect a barricade or put up warning signs to keep pedestrians and vehicles away from an active worksite, for example, could be grounds for a lawsuit instead of an insurance claim.