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How common are fall injuries on construction sites?

Construction sites are dangerous places. With so many heavy materials, machinery and hazards, construction workers are often at risk on the job. For those who work building homes or commercial buildings, fall injuries are one of the most common, and deadly, on-the-job injuries.

In fact, in 2017, 366 workers died in on-the-job falls, 51% of those on construction sites. Construction sites have many areas where falls happen. Many occur when workers are using ladders or scaffolding. Some occur because workers don’t realize there is an open hole or area not protected by a guardrail and then fall through it.

Safety precautions

Following safety precautions is a must on construction sites. To avoid slips and falls from ladders or scaffolding, management and workers need to make sure they are set up correctly. Workers need training on how to use fall protection equipment and how to inspect the its safety, and that of scaffolding.

Workers who are working six feet above a lower level should wear harnesses. Those who work on the roof need to ensure their harnesses fit properly, are in good working condition and their anchor points are safe.

Workers also should know how to set up a ladder. Ladders should be placed level ground, maintaining three points of contact, and secured by locking their metal braces.

Any open holes, openings or skylights on a worksite need a guardrail around them so workers don’t accidently fall through them.

Do experienced workers ever fall?

While workers need proper safety training to avoid falls, that doesn’t mean experienced workers don’t fall. They do. No matter how experienced a worker is, a fall accident can leave them facing a long-term recovery or permanent disability.

If you find yourself injured in a construction site fall, you need to seek immediately seek treatment. You will need to file a report about the injury with your employer. You also need to follow your treatment plan for the best chance in getting full worker’s compensation.

Finally, you should contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. Working with an attorney can take stress off you and your family as you recover and help ensure you get the injury benefits you deserve.