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Gauging the progress made toward gender equality

While many in New York and throughout the United States have called for gender equality, data suggests that little has changed since 1999. However, the issue of gender equality in the workplace is a complicated one, and progress depends on an individual’s perspective on the matter. For instance, nearly half of woman respondents in one poll said that they were making more money than their husbands.

Furthermore, more women are entering STEM fields and other industries such as trucking that have been dominated by men in the past. In another poll, however, about half of respondents said that men didn’t treat them as equals. Interestingly, 61 percent of respondents also said that women didn’t treat women equally.

The #MeToo movement has been widely discussed and credited for raising awareness of gender discrimination and sexual harassment at work. Despite this, half of women surveyed said that they have experienced an unwanted sexual advance at work. While companies may not be inclined to change their policies toward harassment, victims speaking up about their experiences could have a profound impact on those organizations. If multiple employees take legal action against a company, it could cost a lot of money in legal fees. It may also lead to employees and managers learning about the issue.

Individuals who have been victims of employment discrimination may want to consult with an attorney. Discrimination could occur if a worker is terminated after refusing a sexual advance. It could also occur if an individual is denied advancement opportunities based on their gender. An attorney may be able to review statements made by the company or personnel records to determine if an employee was discriminated against.