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How drivers can stay safe on the winter roads

Residents of New York will want to head out on the road as infrequently as possible with the arrival of winter weather. Wet, icy and snowy roads lead to loss of traction and to cars spinning out of control or sliding into someone else’s rear bumper. If they must head out, then they should consider the following safety tips. It all begins with slowing down.

Then, drivers must widen the gap between themselves and other vehicles. A minimum of five to six seconds is recommended; this is a safe distance to keep in all seasons. Drivers should brake gently and gradually. If their car is equipped with ABS, EBD and BA systems, drivers must know how to brake properly with these technologies.

When possible, drivers should not come to a complete stop at a traffic light but should rather keep some momentum. Accelerating from a stopped position can cause the wheels to spin. By applying a slight pressure to the pedal, drivers can accelerate without a problem. Before going uphill, drivers can gain forward motion on the flat part. They should neither accelerate nor brake on such an incline until they reach the crest. Once there, they can slow down and watch for traffic.

Winter car crashes can often form the basis for a personal injury case, and drivers who are at fault cannot blame the weather for their negligence. Still, victims will likely need to obtain a copy of the police report and gather all kinds of evidence before they can file a claim, so they may want a lawyer to assist them. It should also be remembered that New York is a no-fault state and that only those who suffer serious injuries or disabilities can file a third-party insurance claim.