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How Long Do Most Personal Injury Cases Take To Settle?

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You got injured and are now facing a pile of medical bills as well as other expenses. Perhaps you had to take time off work to go to the doctor and ended up losing money, or your personal belongings were damaged and you have to replace them. Now, you want to hire a lawyer. All you’d like to know is how long your personal injury case could take to settle.

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How Long It Takes to Settle a Personal Injury Case

The truth is that personal injury cases don’t settle in a certain amount of time. It could take a few months or a few years depending on your situation. When you get in touch with a lawyer, you can ask their opinion on how long they think it will take based on similar cases they’ve worked on in the past.

The Factors Involved in Settling a Case

There are various factors that will affect how long your case takes to settle. The number one factor is the extent of your injuries. For example, if you’re being treated for several months, then you’ll need to wait until your medical bills are calculated before settling. The more serious your injury is, the longer it will take to settle. And the amount of money in dispute will impact your case too; the higher the amount, the longer it will take to negotiate a settlement typically.

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