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How Long Will a Car Accident Settlement Take in New York?

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Recently, you got into a car accident in New York. Now, you want to take legal action against the other driver’s insurance company, but you don’t want it to drag out for a long time. After all, you need to pay your medical bills and make up for all your lost wages ASAP.

Here’s some information on how long you can expect your settlement to take, as well as who to turn to for help at this time.

How Long a Lawsuit Could Take

Your settlement could take anywhere from a few months to a few years to resolve depending on the circumstances surrounding the case. The type of injury you have makes all the difference. For instance, if you break a bone, then the case may go quicker because the injury is clear. But if you have neck or back pain, that can take several months to heal. You may have to go to treatment many times and try different medicines to feel better. It could take you several months or over a year to get your settlement.

Why it’s Worth it to Wait

After your accident, the insurance company will typically call you to settle as soon as possible. That’s because you won’t have time to realize the full extent of your injuries. However, if you are patient and you go in for treatment as long as you need it, then your settlement could be much higher. It’s always worth it to wait until you’re 100% better because you never know how your injuries are going to play out. You may even need surgery down the line; if you don’t wait, you could end up paying for it out of pocket.

Getting in Touch With a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you would like to go after a settlement following a car accident in New York, then contact the personal injury firm Gash & Associates. Gash & Associates help clients throughout Westchester County and we offer free consultations. Reach us now by calling (914) 328-8800.