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How Severe Does My Workplace Injury Need to Be for a Lawsuit in New York?

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You got injured at your workplace, and now you’re wondering if you’re eligible to initiate a lawsuit. With the help of a workers’ comp or personal injury lawyer, you can figure out if a lawsuit is on the table.

Workers’ Comp and Lawsuits

When employers provide workers’ comp, you cannot sue them for your injuries, no matter how severe they may be (though, however, you could be eligible for benefits). You could potentially sue your employer if they were supposed to provide you with workers’ comp coverage, and they didn’t because it’s a requirement for nearly all employers in New York.

Personal Injury in the Workplace and Lawsuits

If you qualify for a personal injury lawsuit due to an injury at work, then you could possibly bring about a lawsuit against the responsible party. The difference between a workers’ comp injury and a personal injury is that one happens in the workplace as a result of a job you were doing, and there was no third party involved, whereas, with a personal injury lawsuit, there is a third party involved. For example, a UPS delivery person may have thrown a package at you when you were working at the front desk of your office, and you got injured. You could then potentially initiate a lawsuit against UPS.

The Severity of Injuries

Your injuries do not have to be that serious in order to start a lawsuit in New York. They could be minor. As long as you got injured in some way, you can absolutely consult with a lawyer.

Reaching Out to a Personal Injury Lawyer

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