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How Your Employer Could Be Held Responsible After a Workplace Injury in New York

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When you get hurt on the job, your employer could be held responsible and owe you certain benefits while you’re recovering from your injuries. Learn all about workplace injuries and workers’ comp before deciding what steps to take.

Workers’ Comp in New York

In New York, all employers are required to have workers’ comp for their employees. Note: Independent contractors do not count as employees. Essentially, if you’re an employee and you get injured either overtime or suddenly at work, then workers’ comp insurance could cover your expenses while you’re not able to do your job.

How Employers Are Responsible for Injuries

Injuries could happen at work because an employer isn’t following safety protocols or providing enough training or safety equipment to employees, or an accident occurs. Many times, people make mistakes on the job, or something happens by accident. No matter whether or not an employer is directly responsible, they need to compensate you through workers’ comp should you become injured. If they do not allow you to file for workers’ comp, you could pursue legal action against them.

When Are Employers Not Responsible?

Employers may not be responsible if a third party is involved. For example, you may have been sitting at the front desk when a FedEx employee tossed a box at you and injured you. Or, you could have been driving the company car when another car hit you. You may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the third party who caused your injuries.

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