Should I See a Doctor After a Workplace Injury in New York?

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When you suffer from an injury at work, initially, you may be shocked and confused. You might not know what to do. However, it’s critical to try to push through and take the right steps. Otherwise, you may not get the workers’ compensation you deserve.

Here’s some information about seeing a doctor after a workplace injury in New York.

When to Go to the Doctor

You should go to the doctor immediately after becoming injured in the workplace. Make sure you tell your doctor that you got injured at work and explain how it happened so that they record it on your medical records. Get a thorough checkup, including X-rays, and follow your doctor’s treatment plan. If you do not, your injury may not look serious, and you might not be able to access the workers’ comp you need.

When to Report the Injury to Your Employer

It’s required to report your injury to your employer within 30 days, but doing it as soon as possible is much better. That could be right after it occurs or when you get home from the doctor.

Types of Common Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries can happen as a result of an action you take over time, or they can happen suddenly. For instance, you may hammer all day long and then suffer from issues with your hands and wrists. Or, you could be at a construction site when debris falls on you and causes excruciating pain. It all depends on your specific situation. What is important is that you reach out to an attorney ASAP for guidance.

Reaching Out to Gash & Associates

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