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Protect yourself by understanding these 9 car crash facts

Saturday evening, after working hard all week, you deserve a little time to relax. Whether you decide to spend the evening with your friends, spouse, children or just by yourself, you may consider driving somewhere. Unfortunately, so will all kinds of drunk, reckless and aggressive drivers.

According to, which creates local reports from government data, Saturday is the most dangerous day to drive in White Plains. That’s good reason to rethink your plans. You don’t need to abandon them, but you might drive more carefully. If you’re going to the bar, you might leave yourself a bit more time to drink water, talk with your friends and clear your head before heading home.

You can’t use the facts until you know them and the New York Department of Health both offer all kinds of statistics about accidents that may inform your decisions. Some of these statistics are quite sobering, such as the average medical bills for Westchester County. Some may surprise you. All should serve as good reminders that you need to buckle up and drive safe:

  • Motor vehicle accidents are the second leading cause for Westchester County hospitalizations.
  • Three Westchester County drivers die in car crashes every day.
  • The most dangerous months for driving in White Plains are December and June.
  • What’s the second most dangerous day for White Plains drivers to hit the road? It’s Tuesday.
  • Drivers between the ages of 20 and 24 were more likely than other drivers to get into fatal accidents or accidents that forced them to the emergency room or hospital.
  • Drivers sent to the hospital after a car crash stay hospitalized an average of seven days and get a bill for an average of $94,300.
  • The Institute for Traffic Safety Management and Research found that Westchester drivers suffered moderate or severe injuries in 1,169 accidents during 2017.
  • Twenty-four percent of all Westchester drivers sent to the hospital suffered traumatic brain injuries.
  • The leading causes for Westchester accidents were following too close, distracted driving and failure to yield.

How do you look at these facts? When the Department of Health looks at them, it sees patterns that make accidents more predictable and understandable. It sees risk factors. So do the courts and insurance companies that would look to assign fault and responsibility in the case of serious injuries and deaths.

Different ways to protect yourself

When you know the facts, you can use them to protect yourself. You can drive more carefully. You may pay more attention to road conditions. You might even put down your phone and pay more attention to other drivers. This can help you avoid getting into accidents and limits your liability if you get into one anyway.