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Scheduling options for child visitation

New York parents can sometimes find it difficult to create child visitation schedules that fully accommodate the time they want to spend with their children. However, there are multiple scheduling options available that could suit their particular needs.

A common option for child visitation is alternating weekends. With this schedule, the children will spend alternating weekends with their noncustodial parent. This type of schedule is particularly popular among parents who have just been separated as well as for noncustodial parents who work during weekdays and are off on the weekends.

Another scheduling option is that the children spend at least one evening per week with their noncustodial parent in addition to every other weekend. This may be an ideal arrangement if both parents live near each other. One version of this arrangement may involve the children going home with the noncustodial parent immediately after school, allowing that parent to assist with homework or take part in extracurricular activities.

A typical alternating weekend child visitation arrangement may have the children returning to the custody of the custodial parent by 6 p.m. evening each Sunday evening. However, in situations in which the custodial parent may find it difficult to be home by that time due to work or other activities, it might be more sensible to extend the weekend visit with the noncustodial parent through Monday.

An attorney who practices divorce and family law could help a client obtain fair terms regarding child custody and visitation scheduling. If the divorce is particularly contentious, litigation could be utilized.