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The health impacts of divorce later in life

Getting a divorce can be among the most stressful events New York couples will go through in their lives. However, those who are 50 and older may experience more significant health issues after ending their marriage. People who divorce later in life may develop heart disease or higher blood pressure because of the stress of ending a relationship.

Individuals who divorce may also be at a higher risk for depression, which could lead to a sedentary lifestyle. It could also lead to insomnia, mood swings or a loss of memory. Some people who are depressed will turn to drugs or alcohol as a means to cope with their circumstances. It is also possible for people who are in a negative mental state to make decisions in a compulsive manner without thinking through the consequences.

For instance, an individual may start to spend large sums of money on a whim or develop unhealthy eating habits. In addition to the risk of various health issues, divorce may separate a person from his or her main caregiver. A divorce may also result in an older person being separated from adult children or from relationships with others who are still married. Generally, older men tend to be at risk for isolation after a divorce than older women.

There may be many issues that need to be resolved when a couple gets divorced. For instance, it may be necessary to determine how a retirement account is divided or who gets to keep the marital home. Consulting with a family law attorney may provide pertinent information as to what to expect during the process.