Things truck drivers do that could cause a crash

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You’ve never really enjoyed driving on the highway. The trucks scare you. They always seem in such a rush, and you fear what will happen if you have a collision with one. While you try to stay well away from them, you always worry.

Truck drivers have an extra responsibility to drive safely due to the damage they can cause in any collision. These are some of the things truck drivers do, which could result in an accident:

  • Driving while tired: You’ve seen truckers in the roadside cafes sometimes, falling asleep at the table.
  • Using their phones: Drivers of trucks spend a lot of time on the road, so may use their phone while driving to coordinate their next pick up or drop off, or talk to friends or family.
  • Going too fast: Under constant pressure, many drivers choose to ignore the legal speed limits, putting themselves and others at risk.
  • Not checking their mirrors: As hard as you try to stay out a truck’s blind spot, there are times you feel they do not know you are there. Truckers need to check their mirrors more than most.
  • Loading improperly: You have seen a few trucks that appeared overloaded or where their cargo did not seem to have been strapped down sufficiently.
  • Using electronic instruments: Truck drivers fill their cabs with gadgets to help them navigate, organize their workload and chat with other drivers. If a driver is using these while driving, they are not concentrating on the road.

Doing any one of these things could cause a truck driver to crash into you. You could suffer severe personal injuries for which you will need to seek compensation.