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How to File a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Following a Surgical Error in New York

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When you are under the care of a medical professional, you put your health and your life in their hands. While the majority of medical procedures and surgeries proceed without major complications, there are times when a surgeon or health worker fails to practice the highest standard of care. Even small errors or negligent actions can lead to catastrophic or life-altering complications, leaving you with unanticipated and costly consequences. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a surgical error in the Westchester County area, you have the legal right to file a medical malpractice claim to recover the compensation you are owed.

Surgical Errors are Rare but Devastating

It’s important to note that surgical errors are relatively uncommon, especially when performed in operating rooms within a hospital setting. One study suggested that one out of every 112,000 surgical procedures contained a surgical error, meaning that a single hospital may only experience one such error every five to ten years or so. However, surgical errors may be more common when performed in alternate settings, such as those for ambulatory surgery or interventional radiology. Although these errors are not very frequent, they have the potential to carry devastating consequences for the victim and their family.

Small Mistakes Lead to Life-Altering Consequences

There are several reasons that a surgical error may occur. One study found that the vast majority of surgical errors are caused by some form of communication failure. Other reasons include failure to follow procedural protocol and a lack of clear leadership. Whatever the cause, surgical errors can result in costly and burdensome consequences. Surgical errors can exacerbate a patient’s pain and suffering, or cause additional long-term health complications. For instance, if a delicate nerve is needlessly damaged during surgery, the victim may face permanent nerve damage or other negative outcomes. While we trust that undergoing surgery should theoretically make us feel better, surgical errors can do the opposite.

Understanding Your Legal Rights

Should you or someone you love suffer at the hands of a negligent or incompetent healthcare worker, you have the option to pursue a medical malpractice claim to recover compensation. Many surgical errors can leave victims with sky-high medical bills and additional health complications, so it can be helpful to discuss your specific circumstances with a skilled medical malpractice lawyer so you can develop a strategic plan for obtaining the compensation you are owed. The financial damages you receive can go a long way in helping you cover these unanticipated medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering that you’ve been compelled to endure.

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