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Types of Employment Discrimination, Explained

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Lately, at work, you feel like you’re being disrespected and not given fair treatment. Now, you’re wondering if what you’re experiencing would qualify as employment discrimination. If it does, you could possibly sue your employer and get the damages you deserve.

Here are the types of employment discrimination that could be happening to you, per the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Discrimination Based on Your Identity

You may be treated poorly based on your sex, race, gender identity, pregnancy status, genetic information, or disability. For example, your boss may have told you that you aren’t getting a raise because you’re pregnant.

Harassment From Boss and Colleagues

If your boss or colleagues are harassing you because of your identity, then you could potentially qualify for an employment discrimination lawsuit. For example, they could be teasing you about your gender identity and making the workplace environment very uncomfortable for you.

Improper Questioning

If anyone in your workplace is asking you inappropriate questions about your medical or genetic information, this could also be discrimination.

Retaliation for Your Action

Let’s say you felt your boss was harassing you, so you reported them to HR. If your boss then tries to get back at you for that, this could be considered discrimination.

Denying a Workplace Change

Your workplace cannot deny you a reasonable workplace change based on your religion or your disability. For example, you may ask for a more accessible bathroom or to take off early for the Sabbath because you’re a religious Jew. Your workplace should accommodate you.

Contacting an Employment Discrimination Lawyer

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