When is a construction site injury grounds for a lawsuit?

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Most of the time, if you get hurt on the job, workers’ compensation benefits will be what protect you from the financial consequences of your injury. Workers’ compensation benefits can help injured construction workers by covering a portion of their wages and their medical costs. These benefits aren’t always the only form of compensation available to injured construction workers.

Given that construction is a particularly dangerous profession, workers in the construction industry are likely well aware of the risks they have on their job, ranging from the potential for a fall to machinery accidents.

Many workers in construction make every effort they can to keep themselves safe on the job. Sadly, all of that diligence may go to waste if an employee suffers a serious accident on the job caused by someone’s mistake or negligence. Is it also possible to file a personal injury lawsuit after a construction injury?

Some injured workers have a claim against a third party

There are situations in which a worker gets hurt on the job because a supplier or equipment manufacturer provided something defective to that worker or their employer. For example, if an electrical tool used by a construction worker shorts out, it might electrically shock the worker and increase their risk for a fall or other injuries.

When a defective product or piece of machinery fails and hurts someone using it in a professional setting, the manufacturer of that equipment may have some liability for the injuries suffered by the worker. Generally, these kinds of third-party claims will result from defective products or negligence.

Sometimes a worker can bring a claim against their employer

Companies operating in the construction field have an obligation to their workers. They should adhere to state and federal safety regulations for construction workers’ safety. They should provide adequate safety equipment and proper training.

When companies cut corners regarding staff training or the purchasing or maintenance of safety equipment, they may put their workers in harm’s way unnecessarily. If you can show that your employer was not in compliance with construction industry regulations or that they otherwise violated the law or failed to maintain a safe work environment, you may have grounds to bring a claim against your employer if their wrongful acts or negligence directly related to your injury.