How Unfair Treatment at Work Can Be Considered Employment Discrimination

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If you’re being treated unfairly at work, then you could have grounds for an employment discrimination lawsuit. It depends on the circumstances under which you were treated unfairly and whether or not a lawyer believes your claims would hold up. Here’s some more information.

What Qualifies as Discrimination at Work?

If you were treated differently or unfairly because of your identity, including your race, sexual orientation, gender identification, disability, genetic information, or pregnancy status, then this could qualify as discrimination within the workplace.

Examples of Unfair Treatment in the Workplace

You may have been up for a promotion, but your boss found out that you’re expecting a child, and they gave the promotion to a less qualified coworker instead. Your colleague might have harassed you about your religious practices, or your boss might have embarrassed you in front of your coworkers because you reported them for sexual harassment. If you have a disability, perhaps your boss didn’t pick you for a project because of it.

Other examples of unfair treatment could include having rumors spread about you, dealing with harassing or embarrassing posts on social media, getting paid less based on your gender, being demoted or transferred without going through a fair process, or getting fired because of your age.

Any time that you’ve experienced unfair treatment based on your identity or some other factor, it’s worth it to contact a lawyer for help.

Contacting a Lawyer

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