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Disability Accommodations And Discrimination Claims In Westchester
Employment Discrimination

Disability Accommodations and Discrimination Claims in Westchester

Learn the legal landscape of disability accommodations and discrimination claims in Westchester, as well as the crucial role of laws like the ADA in ensuring ...
How Does Social Media Monitoring Relate To Employment Discrimination In Westchester
Employment Discrimination

How Does Social Media Monitoring Relate to Employment Discrimination in Westchester?

Examine the impact of social media monitoring on employment discrimination in Westchester. We offer guidance on protecting online privacy and seeking legal help from Gash ...
Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity Discrimination Advancing LGBTQ Rights In New York
Employment Discrimination

Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination: Advancing LGBTQ+ Rights in New York

This article examines the various forms of LGBTQ+ workplace discrimination in New York and the legal measures, including SONDA and GENDA, designed to protect these ...
Aging Infrastructure And Slip And Fall Liability Challenges In New York
Personal Injury

Aging Infrastructure and Slip and Fall Liability: Challenges in New York

New York's deteriorating sidewalks and historical buildings raise the risk of slip-and-fall accidents for residents and visitors alike.
Technology And Surveillance In Slip And Fall Cases In New York
Personal Injury

Technology and Surveillance in Slip and Fall Cases in New York

In this article, we explore the impact of surveillance footage and other technological advancements in shaping the outcome of slip and fall cases in New ...