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Man sitting on couch holding casted leg
Personal Injury

Can I Sue My Employer for a Work Injury in New York?

If you suffer from a third-party injury on the job, then you could potentially sue the responsible individual.

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Personal Injury

How Long Will a Car Accident Settlement Take in New York?

Your car accident settlement could take anywhere from a few months to a few years in New York.

Smoking rear-ended car accident with woman at one car door, holding her neck
Personal Injury

How Much Will I Receive for My Car Accident Injury?

You could receive a substantial amount of money for your car accident injury depending on the circumstances of your case.

Woman with a hand to her head looking towards a rear-end car accident
Personal Injury

The Tiger Woods Accident and Seriousness of Car Crashes

Tiger Woods became seriously injured because he was not following the speed limit and driving on a dangerous road.

Doctor analyzing X-ray image in consulting room
Personal Injury

Common Spine Injuries from Car Accidents

A number of spine injuries can occur due to car accidents. Calling a personal injury lawyer will ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your injury.