Signs You Are Being Discriminated Against in the Workplace in New York

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Recently, you’ve been feeling uncomfortable at work. Perhaps management isn’t treating you right – or they’ve outright discriminated against you. By learning about the different types of ways in which discrimination occurs in the workplace, you can determine whether or not you have a valid lawsuit against your employer. Here are some signs you’re facing discrimination in your New York workplace.

You Are Treated Differently Because of Your Identity

If you believe you weren’t given a raise because you were pregnant or a bonus because of your race, you could be a victim of discrimination in the workplace. For instance, perhaps someone less qualified than you was given a raise or bonus because they are the same race or gender as your boss. You could potentially be able to file a lawsuit against your employer.

You Hear Inappropriate Jokes and Comments

Do your bosses or colleagues make inappropriate jokes or comments? Do they make you feel uneasy? Then you may be experiencing discrimination. It’s never appropriate to do this at work.

You Have to Fulfill Gender Roles

Are you given certain tasks because of your gender? Are you expected to fulfill traditional gender roles in your workplace? This is certainly a form of discrimination. It should not be tolerated at work.

You’re Not Receiving Equal Pay

Do you and a coworker have the same job, but they make more than you? This could be a form of discrimination.

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