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What Proof of Discrimination at Work Do You Need in New York?

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You feel like your boss or colleagues discriminated against you at work. However, you aren’t sure that your situation warrants legal action. Now, you’re wondering, what proof of discrimination at work do you need in New York?

Here’s some more information. Then, you can decide if you have a valid case you can bring to a lawyer.

What Counts as Workplace Discrimination?

Workplace discrimination means you were treated less favorably than other employees. It relates to your identity, including your race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and marital status. For instance, perhaps you hear offensive jokes in the workplace, or you weren’t given a raise or a bonus because of who you are.

Proving Discrimination With Direct Evidence and Circumstantial Evidence

You could use direct evidence or circumstantial evidence to show that you were discriminated against at work. In terms of direct evidence, perhaps a boss emailed you something discriminatory, or they told you in your yearly review that you weren’t getting a bonus because you were pregnant.

Circumstantial evidence, also known as indirect evidence, occurs when discrimination is implied but not so obvious. For instance, if you’re a woman, your boss might have made statements that Jim is getting a promotion because he’s a serious man. He could be implying that you’re not getting a promotion because you’re a woman and you’re not serious about your job.

You can work with a lawyer to figure out if you have the right proof needed to pursue legal action against your employer.

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