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duty of care

The Responsibility of Businesses and Property Owners to Keep Their Premises Safe in Westchester

In Westchester County, NY, businesses and property owners must ensure visitor safety under premises liability laws. Learn how these laws apply to different visitors and ...

Can You Win a Personal Injury Case Without Medical Evidence in Westchester County?

In Westchester County, proving a personal injury case requires solid medical evidence to link injuries to an accident. Learn how to gather and present this ...
accident settlement

How to Stop Insurance Adjusters from Pressuring You to Settle After a Car Accident in Westchester County

After a car accident, insurance adjusters often pressure victims to settle quickly for less than they deserve. This article explains their common tactics and how ...
comparative negligence

How to Understand Comparative Fault in a Westchester County Slip and Fall Case

Understanding how fault is determined in slip and fall cases can help you hold property owners accountable for their negligence. Partner with Gash & Associates, ...