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The risk of marrying out of one’s league

New York men and women who are preparing to tie the knot may be interested to learn that those who marry partners more attractive than them may have a higher risk of getting divorced. According to a variety of research, couples who do not match in attractiveness may have marriages that are less successful.

For example, a study found that women who find their male partners to be less attractive were more likely to flirt with other individuals. They were also more likely to report that they felt less committed to their relationship. Some research suggests that jealousy on behalf of the less attractive partner can cause issues within the relationship.

However, some research found that men who married more attractive women tended to be happier than men who married women within their league. For example, the men were often more helpful and effective when it came to resolving problems that their significant others were facing. Another study suggests that couples who started out as friends prior to starting a romantic relationship may find physical attractiveness to be not as important as those who enter a romantic relationship prior to being friends.

Although attractiveness can be a part of the reason a couple may decide to get divorced, there are many other issues that can contribute to the decision. For example, money issues and incompatibility can also a vital role in the dissolution of a marriage. A divorce and family law attorney may assist with reaching a solution when it comes to division of marital property, child custody proceedings and support enforcement proceedings. If the divorce is uncontested, the attorney may walk a person through the different options, such as divorce mediation or litigation.