Things to Know About Adverse Employment Action in New York

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Are you experiencing problems at work? Do you believe your employer is treating you unfairly, or retaliating against you for something you did? Then you may be able to sue them. By finding out about adverse employment, you can decide if you need to hire a lawyer ASAP.

What Is Adverse Employment Action?

Adverse employment action occurs when an employer makes a decision that negatively impacts you as an employee. This could include firing you, demoting you, significantly reducing your material responsibilities, and lowering your wages. While employers can choose to take these actions, the reasoning behind it must be fair and justified. Otherwise, you could potentially take legal action against them.

Examples of Valid Legal Claims

If your employer fired you for constantly showing up late to work or demoted you because you aren’t performing well, then these are valid reasons for them to take adverse action. However, if they took adverse action as retaliation – say, because you reported a boss for sexual harassment – then that is not legal. Additionally, if they took adverse action because they were discriminating against you based on your race, sex, gender, or some other aspect of your identity, this is also illegal. You also cannot be fired or otherwise punished if you take the legal amount of family leave or sick days, for instance.

You will need to show that your employer took a significant adverse action that was not justified, and was based on discrimination, retaliation, or another illegitimate reason.

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