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What Questions Can Be Considered Employment Discrimination in New York?

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Whether you’re interviewing for a new job in New York or you feel like you’re being discriminated against in your current position, you should know about workplace discrimination. Here are some of the questions that your boss or colleague cannot ask you. If they do, you may be able to sue your workplace for discriminatory behavior.

Questions About Your Race or Color

You are not allowed to ask about race or color in the workplace. Someone cannot say, “What race are you?” They may be biased against you for your race or color, which is discrimination.

Questions About Your Sex or Gender

Your employer cannot ask you about your sex or gender, including your gender identity and pregnancy status. For example, they cannot say, “Are you planning on having kids soon?” or “Are you pregnant?”

Questions About Your Age

Employers cannot discriminate against someone because of their age. For instance, they cannot ask, “How old are you?” or “Are you a senior citizen?” Unfortunately, in the workplace, seniors face discrimination because employers may be looking to hire younger (and cheaper) employees.

Questions About Your Disability

Your employer cannot ask you questions about your disability, like, “How did you become disabled?” However, sometimes they may be asking you certain questions to ensure that the workplace is as accessible as possible for you.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you were discriminated against, you can call a personal injury lawyer for guidance.

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