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What to Do When Offered a Low Settlement for Auto Accident Injuries in New York

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When you get hurt in an auto accident, it can take a few days to recover from your injuries, or you may never feel better, depending on the severity of your injuries. However, you don’t know what’s going to happen in the future.

Insurance companies know that injuries can become much worse and end up being very expensive over time. That’s why as soon as an auto accident occurs, they jump in and offer you a low settlement. Then, you sign an agreement and say you won’t go back to them for more money… even if you desperately need it to cover your medical bills and other expenses.

When you get injured in an auto accident, don’t settle for less. Instead, take the following steps.

Don’t Give Too Many Details to the Insurance Provider

When the insurance company calls you, don’t say you’re injured or tell them more than the fact that you were in an accident. They could try to use what you say on the call to offer you a much lower settlement than you deserve. Instead, tell them you’re going to speak to your lawyer and call a personal injury lawyer instead.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

Tell a personal injury lawyer about what happened, and send them all the proof you have, including your medical records, police report, pictures of the accident, and witness statements. Your lawyer will work hard on your behalf to get you the settlement that’s rightfully yours. The best part? They won’t charge you a fee unless they win.

Reaching Out to a Personal Injury Lawyer

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